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Being that our main purpose is to answer insurance questions, on this special holiday, an obvious question arises -Who's going to insure the Easter Bunny?? Because the Bunny works alone - he most likely won't need workers comprehensive coverage.  But being in the delivery business stirs up many liability issues!! Then there's the question of [...]

As we head into the middle of the winter months it's extremely important that you pay attention to your pipes. The world famous Farmers Almanac® has forecast a very cold winter. With the extreme cold brings the possibility of frozen pipes in homes and businesses. State Farm ® insurance reports that the average cost for water claims is on the rise - that the average cost per claim - approx $15,000 - is up 33% from 2007 to 2008. While most insurance carriers cover damage done by broken pipes, avoidance is always the best option. So what can be done?