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I found a great article that helps to reinforce the importance of finding a good insurance agent – one that will spend the time reviewing your insurance needs to be sure you have the best coverage to meet those needs.  Insurance is NOT a commodity that all of us should have the exact same coverage.  And having [...]

This is being Reposted from Paul Quinn’s “Farmers Cares” blog site – The following post on how to safely deep fry a turkey always gets a resounding response. As this cooking method for cooking a turkey becomes increasingly popular, it is of utmost importance that safety is priority. So, please share with family and friends [...]

Have you wondered what exactly is covered on your homeowners insurance policy?  Keith Wainauski with Wainauski & Associates – Farmers Insurance host today’s video podcast for Insurance Answers and explains the basic coverages found on most homeowners policies.  He also describes some optional coverages and the perils/risks that are covered by most policies.  If you [...]

Super Bowl week brings with it some of the greatest excitement that any single event on earth can bring.  Thousands of people all over the world will watch this event on TV, Internet, and even in person.  In many cases people watch this incredible event somewhere other than their own home.  And it’s when we travel that [...]

Over the past couple years with the massive growth of social media there has also been a large increase in “Defamation” lawsuits.  According to the legal dictionary the definition of “Defamation” is; communication to third parties of false statements about a person that injure the reputation of or deter others from associating with that person There are two basic types of defamation – one is slander the other libel.  The difference between them is slander involves the [...]

Thanksgiving – a time filled with Family, fun, and usually lots of food.  The centerpiece of most meals is a delicious Turkey.  Over the years we’ve developed many ways to prepare these delectable birds.  From Brining  the Turkey, cooking the Turkey Frozen ,  Grilled  Turkey, Roasting  a Turkey, and finally deep frying  the Turkey.  No matter how you [...]

Over the past year one of the biggest questions I’ve been asked is ” because property values have leveled off or decreased should I lower my dwelling coverage on my house?” This is a very good question, because if we were thinking logically like Spock on Star Trek, we would think it reasonable to reduce coverage as the value of our property decreased. But the problem here is that the property value has NOTHING to do with what it would cost to reconstruct you home.

Can a earthquake really affect me? With the many pictures that are pouring out of Haiti of the devastation that occurred from this weeks massive earthquake, I think that all of us ask that question. And honestly I don’t know if anyone can really predict when and where the next big quake will hit. There are 5 danger areas located in the US for potential major earthquakes. If you are living in or near these locations it is very important that you develop a plan.

As we head into the middle of the winter months it’s extremely important that you pay attention to your pipes. The world famous Farmers Almanac® has forecast a very cold winter. With the extreme cold brings the possibility of frozen pipes in homes and businesses. State Farm ® insurance reports that the average cost for water claims is on the rise – that the average cost per claim – approx $15,000 – is up 33% from 2007 to 2008. While most insurance carriers cover damage done by broken pipes, avoidance is always the best option. So what can be done?

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