General Insurance questions

This is being Reposted from Paul Quinn’s “Farmers Cares” blog site – Going off to college is life changing in itself but having your identify stolen at the same time could make this life transition a costly one. No student wants to start college with thousands of dollars of unauthorized debt and a wrecked credit [...]

When I first started in the insurance business a wise seasoned insurance agent shared a nugget of wisdom that frankly I will never forget because of it’s simplicity, but also it encapsulates the reason for insurance in one simple statement. Here is what he said “Insurance is something that should be used on things that [...]

Over the past couple years with the massive growth of social media there has also been a large increase in “Defamation” lawsuits.  According to the legal dictionary the definition of “Defamation” is; communication to third parties of false statements about a person that injure the reputation of or deter others from associating with that person There are two basic types of defamation – one is slander the other libel.  The difference between them is slander involves the [...]

With school starting for many families – and the expenses that come with the start of school – many are looking for ways to save some extra money.  One possibly place is with your college aged drivers. That’s right – there might be some potential saving from your college student.  How you ask??  Many insurance carriers [...]

Today I want to bring to everyone’s attention a disease that is far more rampant than the H1N1 virus, but is flying under the media radar as Millions of Americans are being effected. This disease is NOT one you will find in the AMA journals. As a matter of fact we had the priviledge to name this disease;

Definition – “Agentunknownitis” – not knowing who your insurance agent is.