Auto Insurance

Thanks to advances in technology, cars today are the safest they have ever been. Sensors which can prevent you getting too close to another vehicle, or straying out of your lane, other safety features such as airbags, and even structural design enhancements such as crumple zones, have all led to drivers and passengers being safer [...]

        Do you think you paying to much for Auto Insurance?  Do you want to save money? If you answered YES to either of those questions then click the link below to get instant access to this easy to follow 3 step report that reveals secrets to savings on your auto insurance. In [...]

Recently I was asked if your personal auto insurance policy would cover you if you chose to drive for Uber?  Some of you may be asking “what is Uber“? What is Uber? Uber is a mobile software company that developed a app that consumers use to hire a driver for their transportation needs.  The company [...]

Because we are not in accidents everyday of our lives when we do get in a accident we don’t always know what to do??  Here are 8 things you want to do when you are in a accident – Stop immediately – but if car is drivable try not to obstruct traffic Assist injured – Have someone [...]

I was recently presented with a interesting question concerning insurance coverage’s.  Please note you will want to check with your agent or carrier to allow them to explain their coverage’s and how it would apply to these examples. Earlier this week I had a insured call me that said he was riding his bike and a car turned [...]

      For those of us that live in the Southern states, Winter Driving Preparedness is a relatively new concept.  My family moved South of the Mason Dixon  line 10 years ago and we thought we left behind the snow and salt behind.  For the most part that has been true.  Southern winter has blue skies and [...]

Holiday revelry, Holiday Hustle and Harried Bargain Hunters during the Holiday season makes for distracted drivers.   We, at Insurance Answers, want to help you avoid the aggravations that can result in making poor judgment when behind the wheel. Our first suggestion would be to “Get a plan”.  If you are at a party, get a Designated [...]

Accidents happen.  Who know’s why?  Maybe the road was icy, maybe the car behind you was following too close and hit you, maybe the heel of your 4 inch Manolo Blahnik’s got caught under the gas pedal.  But whatever the reason, that’s why we carry Auto Insurance.  We have put together some suggestions to for what [...]