Back to School – Renters Insurance and Auto Insurance things to know!

In today’s Insurance Answers podcast your host Keith Wainauski a premier Farmers Insurance Agent in Franklin TN discusses two active topics/questions surrounding College Students heading back to school.

The Two Topics –

  • Renters insurance – is it needed?  Keith discusses several scenarios and how to handle each as it pertains to your student heading to college and protecting their “Stuff”.  For more information about renters insurance as it pertains to you college student check out this article –


  • Auto Insurance – can we save money because our student is away at college??  With this question, Keith describes several different potential scenarios your college student may have as it pertains to transportation at college.  Some students are away at college without a vehicle, and some students are away with a vehicle.  Keith describes how each of these scenarios may effect your insurance premiums and the questions to ask your agent concerning this topic.

We thank you for listening to the podcast.  If you have insurance questions that you would like answered, or comments about the questions we talked about today, please leave us those questions below and we will be sure to get the answers.



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